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eFoster Parent Program Guidelines

The mission of the orphanages we work with is to provide a safe and loving environment for the children as well as an education that will help them to become self-sufficient, productive, and responsible adults in their societies. Apart from the orphanage staff, you may be the only adult who shows genuine caring. The following are guidelines and suggestions on how to correspond and get to know your eFoster Child in a meaningful and appropriate way.

1) Be regular with your correspondence.

Your emails do not need to be long, but write at least once a month to show your eFoster Child your continued interest and concern. Your emails will be treasured and read again and again.

2) Share stories about you and your family.

This will facilitate your eFoster Child's own willingness to talk about daily activities, concerns, dreams, and hopes for the future.

3) Respect cultural and religious differences.

Most people are Buddhist in Cambodia, Muslim in Bangladesh, and Christian in the Philippines. Acceptance and interest in their beliefs and cultures is very important. We hope you will share aspects of your culture such as holidays, family traditions and special meals without imposing your beliefs.

4) Support positive memories.

Of original families and ongoing relationships with current family members. This will help avoid loyalty conflicts.

5) Keep your English simple.

When the children first come to the orphanage they speak little or no English. Teachers or older children who speak English will translate your emails. Your eFoster Child will write back to you in his/her own language and then it will be translated to English for you. With time, hard work, and the motivation to learn English, they will eventually be able to read your emails on their own and write to you in English. This ability to understand English and use a computer will be a definite benefit when it is time for them to leave the orphanage for advanced education or work.

6) Encourage your foster child.

To study hard, help with chores, and show respect for others. Encourage basic values of honesty, integrity, kindness, and the value of education.

7) Refrain from inappropriate content in your emails:

a) Inappropriate sexual references of any kind in any form are strictly prohibited.
b) Do not advocate violent behavior or violence towards others.
c) Imposing your own religious values is unacceptable.
d) Inappropriate content written by your eFoster Child must be reported to eGlobal Family.

Please note that all emails/correspondences with eFoster Children are monitored by eGlobal Family and/or the International Partner.

8) Sending gifts or pocket money:

Please make sure any gifts are simple and inexpensive; e.g., a framed picture of you and your family, t-shirt, hat, or an inexpensive watch. School supplies, very simple clothing, and hair adornments for girls are best. Please do not send money directly to your eFoster Child as it may cause problems or jealousy with other children. Also, birthday gifts are not encouraged for this same reason. eGlobal Family can and does provide in some cases certain gifts; for example, a monthly group birthday party for all the children, and those who are celebrating their birthday that month receive small presents. Please note that direct gifts to a specific child are completely voluntary and non-tax-deductable by IRS guidelines.

9) Orphanage visits are encouraged.

eGlobal Family staff must coordinate all visits. Please complete and submit a Visitation Request Form, preferably not later than one month prior to your intended travel.

10) Sponsoring your child to visit you is not encouraged

because of false expectations of support, immigration complications, etc. There have been rare instances when an individual has sponsored a child to study for a brief time in the United States. However, this has been and remains independent of the eFoster Parent Program and the support or sponsorship of eGlobal Family.

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